Introduction and structure of essay core paragraphs

26 Aug

Let's start with an introduction. The introduction should contain 3-5 sentences. Do not try to write long sentences in your essay, but not too short. Short sentences are a sign of informality and relate more to a stylistic form - narrative. On the other hand, if the sentence is longer than two lines, reformulate it to make it shorter. The fact that someone is composing a sentence of four lines is not proof of their dexterity. In this respect, it is often the other way around. Very long sentences are difficult to read, difficult to understand, and breeding ground for any mistakes. And what other mistakes you need to avoid, you can find out at

The introduction is written starting with a general and gradually moving towards the main idea, which is usually given at the end of the introduction.

So our introduction could be like this:
There is no doubt that money is an extremely important aspect of our life. We go to school, study at universities and improve our skills in order to find a job that is rewarding and interesting from a financial point of view. Money can help us enrich our experiences, improve family relationships, improve our health, and also boost our self-confidence. Money may not always make us better people, but it can dramatically improve our standard of living and thus help us achieve a decent level of happiness. 

This introduction really needs everything. Here we have a basic idea, the reasons why we think what we think, and a short description of the negative impact of money. 

Now you can go on like this. core . I will explain its structure to you. Each core is made up of paragraphs. However, a paragraph is not just a bunch of sliced sentences next to each other. Each paragraph has its own thematic sentence and supporting sentences.

A thematic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph and expresses the essence of this paragraph - paragraph. After reading it, the reader should know what the content of your paragraph will be about. The rest of the paragraphs support the formulation of the thematic sentence. The main composition of the composition can be as follows: 

We leave two paragraphs as to why we think money is the key to happiness (for)
one paragraph why money doesn't always mean happiness (against) 

Okay, now all that remains is to write a conclusion very similar to the introduction. It will be great. In fact, in other words, we are repeating the main idea and summarizing in general terms what we have written in separate paragraphs. 

In the end, we'll just rephrase the main idea and sketch again why we think the same as we think (we are inspired by the thematic sentences of individual paragraphs). 

As we can see, the whole composition has a hierarchical structure, in which each larger whole consists of smaller ones. It all depends on the topic from which we derive the main idea, we give its arguments, which will actually be thematic sentences in paragraphs, which we will support with other sentences. Yes, you need to practice a little, but this is quite logical, especially since a composition written in this way will have a head and a heel, and you will not get too much. However, there are other things to look out for when writing a composition.

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